My Mother's House; Sido (Twentieth Century Classics) download pdf

My Mother's House; Sido (Twentieth Century Classics)

My Mother's House; Sido (Twentieth Century Classics)
Pages: 208
ISBN: 0140183205
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An excellent edition, and very nice to have the two memoirs in the same volume. The magic of Colette's evocation of motherhood--and of her mother--is that she builds it by also evoking what it is like to be someone's child, someone's sibling. As much as Sido is the undisputed chief of this family pantheon, no one and no EXPERIENCE (even a pet's) is granted anything less than reverence.

It was in this book that I started "understanding" one of the mechanisms by which Colette is able to render a thing sacred without rendering it untouchable. It's not by avoiding examination and difficult questions, but by refusing answers where there are no good ones.

Also rather miraculous: I finished the book longing to mean to anyone what Sido meant to her daughter--to her whole family--but also convinced that reaching that point isn't about turning into "the kind of person" Sido was. I'm left with the distinct impression that when Colette paints her mother's goodness, she is painting just one possibility. By showing all the flaws and idiosyncrasies in Sido's character, and yet demonstrating what a peerless blessing she was to everyone she met, Colette opens the possibility that there might be as many ways to be good as there are ways to be human.

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