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Een hart van steen

Een hart van steen
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I sympathize with the writing style of Renate Dorrestein. As in this novel.
Another thing is the nature of the story: family horror. Some times it gets to you far more painful than a wasp sting; mostly and in general the author knows how to dose the information, also by going back and forth in time. The tension level is well balanced and overall pretty high. One of the nice things about this novel, with such a heavy weight subject: it has, I think, a satisfactorily ending.
About one year before the publication, a family tragedy happened in a Dutch village, 1997. That became the inspiration for this novel. On the other hand, having learned some facts about the situation in the author’s own family by a television interview on March 3, 2013, one could say this background has been a sort of digested in this novel as well.
It would be false to state the novel feels as a heavy burden, at least for me – maybe it will feel otherwise for mothers with very young children. It might sound strange, but because of the style I found it a pleasant and above all an interesting read. JM

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